What to do if you’ve lost your wallet

Here’s a short blog post about the unpleasant experience of losing my wallet – with everything in it! (wallet, IDs, house keys, car keys). If you ever find yourself in this unfortunate situation, here are the must-do’s

  1. Change the lock on your house and car (there are 24/7 services across Ontario offering this service)
  2. Call up all your finance institutions where you have accounts. Tell them someone stole your wallet, and they will immediately cancel your current cards, and issue you new cards with new passwords
  3. Request new health card and drivers licence (for health card, you can call up service Ontario and they will mail you a new card immediately. For drivers licence, visit a service Ontario office and get a temporary license
  4. Call up Transunion and Equifax to put a fraud alert on your file (these are agencies that keep track of your credit score). It’s important that you call up these two agencies requesting a fraud alert placed on your file, which will be in effect for 6 years. This means if anyone tries to apply for credit, the financial institutions are required to call you to confirm your identify. This is to prevent identify theft! (Very important)

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