Our Happy Clients

“Stacey has been an invaluable asset to me and I cannot stop raving about her to my friends. As a young, busy, single professional, it was difficult to manage my finances on my own and ensure I was making the right choices for long-term saving and asset management. I needed a partner that I could trust and who would help me navigate the many options with my best interest in mind.  Stacey got to know me as a person before recommending a budget and financial investment plan based on my goals and hopes for the future. Stacey is able to educate me about my financial options in a way that makes them easier to understand so that I can make a decision confidently. Every time I meet with Stacey, I am impressed by her intelligence, reliability and graciousness. I am excited to continue working with Stacey for many years to come!”  

Alexa Vogel, Account Manager, Edelman Heath

“Stacey is my financial advisor and I could not have lucked out more with such a knowledgeable, compassionate & considerate financial partner to guide me through my finances. She really invests her time into supporting my goals and interests. In no way is she just a financial advisor to me, but a relationship where I value all her advice and support for both my personal & professional needs. Thanks again Stacey.”  

Jayla Pearce, Corporate Account Manager, Medcan Clinic

“I used to rely on the advice of a financial advisor at a big 5 Canadian bank. After being rotated through 3 advisors in 2 years I knew that I wasn’t getting the best advice available. I have known Stacey for 3 years and her valuable advice has helped me to reach my personal and business financial goals. She is someone that I trust that will give me the information to make sound investment decisions, and someone that will grow with me for the long-term. I would recommend potential clients to discuss your financial goals with her and see if she is the right advisor for you. “

Albert Ho, RN, MBA Candidate

“I love working with Stacey because she makes dealing with finances a positive experience. I love that I can leave my future financial plans in her more than capable hands. Being transparent about money can be uncomfortable but she makes it a painless process.”

Lisa Richards, Owner, Vitality PR & Communications

“I first meet Stacey He when she was giving a presentation at a conference. I had been considering getting more formal financial advice for some time and was impressed with Stacy’s speaking style, her composure, and her plain language advice. I met with Stacey a few times who answered my questions clearly and concisely. As we have begun to work together formally I have consistently been impressed by her organization, attention to detail, and her willingness to explain things as well as her efforts to make our meetings as convenient as possible. To date I am very pleased with Stacey’s recommendations and advice.”

Ellen Low, Associate Lawyer, Whitten & Lublin

“Stacey He is a fantastic financial planner. She is very knowledgeable and able to communicate financial advice in a manner that is easy to understand. Stacey provides excellent and prompt service, and always ensures that her clients’ needs are met. Having Stacey as my financial planner has allowed me to feel confident and secure about managing my finances.”

Nicole Singh, Associate Lawyer, Fasken Martineau

“As a new entrepreneur, I decided to work with Stacey because I needed some expertise and assistance in how to manage my finances better, both professionally and personally. With her assistance I was able to create a monthly budget, new business plan, and revised investment strategy. Stacey is very easy to talk to and she takes the time to truly understand the challenges and needs that I have. Her ongoing excellent customer service has created a trustworthy, high integrity relationship, and now friendship. She is open, honest and helpful while being thorough, strategic and masterful in her field. I would not hesitate in recommending Stacey to anyone considering working with a financial professional to create security and confidence for your present and your future.”

Gail Scott, Entrepreneur

“Stacey He is an amazing financial planner. For the past 3 years that my husband and I have worked together with Stacey, she has shown us her tireless dedication in helping us plan for our financial future. Having worked with Stacey has given us clarity about our finances and we are now confident that we’ll reach all of our financial goals. Stacey always has our best interest at heart and we cannot ask for a better financial planner. We are very lucky to be working with Stacey.”

Yichun Zhao, Translator, Okay Airways

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