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You know what I love about our company? Every single one of us comes to work to do something we love. We get to inspire people to take control of their finances. It’s the most wonderful feeling in the world. In fact, the fun part is trying to figure out all the different ways we can do that. We love changing people’s lives. We are loyal to our clients, and in return, our clients are loyal to us.


We know the best financial advice can only come when your financial planner is not concerned with selling any financial products. Our financial planners are paid only for their trusted and objective financial advice. We put your best interest at heart, and we put ourselves in your shoes. We don’t judge, we listen. We are not on the side of financial institutions. We are on your side and we want you to be financially secure. You give your financial problems to us, and we get to work to solve them. We are your quarterback.


Stacey He

I often get asked why I become a financial planner, and while it would have been nice to say I had an “Eureka” moment where I got up and just knew it was my calling, that’s not quite how it happened. I stumbled onto this career completely by accident. Prior to this career, I was working as an accountant, and it didn’t take me long to realize that’s not the type of fulfillment I was looking for in my career. That’s when I began searching and landed a job as a financial planner in one of Canada’s largest financial institutions. I realized here was a career where I could use my skills to actually change peoples’ lives! Very fulfilling.

So why not stay at a financial institution? Why did I need to start this company? Because I didn’t envision a world where I stood on the side of financial institutions, getting paid based on their financial products. Instead, I envisioned a world where financial planners stand on your side: giving you what you’ve always wanted: the ability to trust your advisor 100%, knowing when they come to work, your financial wellbeing is not only their top priority, but their only priority. This is what we offer and this is why I just had to build this company.

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