How Are We Different?

Regardless of your age, assets or income, we believe EVERYONE deserves objective, trusted financial advice, and access to a personal financial planner who can help you avoid costly financial mistakes and guide you to reach all of your life goals.

  • The New Financial Planning Model: For an affordable fixed monthly fee, you will have your very own dedicated financial planner to help you reach your financial goals
  • No Commissions and no sales: You pay your financial planner for their objective financial advice. We do not collect commissions on any of our recommendations, and no sale of products
  • No asset minimums: We believe everyone should have access to affordable financial advice, regardless of age or asset size

getstartedOur only job is to guide you in your financial journey and help you make the right financial decisions for you and your family. Book a complimentary meeting with me and we can see if I am the type of financial planner you have been looking for.


Stacey will create a customized financial plan for you with actions steps on how to improve your finances. She will keep you accountable to ensure you reach all your financial goals.


Ask Stacey any questions, anytime via face-to-face meetings, phone chats, emails and Skype.


Your financial planner is not paid on commissions. Which means no sales of products. This guarantees you get 100% objective financial advice.


Start your financial journey  by choosing the right financial planning program for you.

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